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  • zenenergy22
    zenenergy22 reviewed Effex Nightclub Over a year ago
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    Had a really disappointing experience the last time I was here. We got in line to get drinks when a very rude bartender who had major attitude for no reason asked us rudely what we wanted to drink. I remember turning to my friend and being very confused to why he was being so rude. We got our drinks, and I decided not to tip him because of his treatment. We got back in line an hour later to which the same bartender barked at me that he won’t be serving us because ‘we didn’t tip him’. First off, you can’t refuse service to someone who doesn’t tip. Second off, tips are earned by good customer service, something he should learn how to do. I’d imagine he loses effex a lot of money if he refuses to make drinks for anyone who doesn’t tip him (which I’m sure is a large amount with his attitude). If you’re at effex, be aware that there’s a bartender who thinks he’s entitled to get tips but doesn’t need to treat anyone with any human decency whatsoever:)