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Pride in Places: Harvey Milk's former San Francisco headquarters remains a hub for queerness

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Pride in Places

Find our LGBTQ heritage, historical sites, monuments and even rainbow crosswalks as we celebrate Pride in Places.

Jump to: North America, Europe, Australia Pacific, Middle East

Australia Pacific

Green Park

Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial



The mother of all gay and lesbian memorials

Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism

Not a traditional memorial, but a powerful reminder of dark times.

Kiss Wall

Iconic Brighton sculpture on the seafront

Memorial to Gay and Lesbian Victims of National Socialism

Dedicated to the gay and lesbian victims of the Nazis.

Frankfurter Engel

Beautiful and moving memorial

Middle East

Israel Gay Holocaust Monument

Memorial to gay Holocaust victims
Tel Aviv

North America

The Atlanta Rainbow Crosswalks

Colorful rainbow crosswalks

AIDS Garden Chicago

Honoring those who were lost and those who still fight

Rosehill Cemetery

First burial site for HIV/AIDS victims

Washington Square Park

Fountains and flowers

The Legacy Walk

Outdoor LGBTQ+ history exhibit

Houston Rainbow Crosswalk

A splash of color added to Houston streets.

Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis: Indiana AIDS Memorial

Reflect and remember those lost to the AIDS epidemic

Key West AIDS Memorial

A tribute to the people who have died of AIDS
Key West

Key West Rainbow Crosswalk

Rainbow crosswalks in the heart of the city’s LGBT entertainment district.
Key West

WeHo Rainbow Crosswalk

Rainbow crosswalks in one of the nation’s most iconic gay neighborhoods
Los Angeles

Miami Rainbow Crosswalk

Walk on rainbows

Milwaukee Rainbow Crosswalk

Pride and history in the heart of downtown

Hudson River Park’s Memorial

Pulse Memorial in Hudson River Park
New York

NYC AIDS Memorial

A memorial that inspires and empowers
New York

Stonewall National Monument

If there's any place deserving of a monument, it's Stonewall!
New York

Rainbow Crosswalk

Somewhere over the rainbow... there's downtown Northampton

onePULSE Foundation

Memorial honoring the victims of 2016 mass shooting

Ottawa Rainbow Crosswalk

Ottawa breaks out the pride colors

The Village

It takes all types to make a Village

Philadelphia Rainbow Crosswalk

A splash of color in Philly

Rainbow Crosswalk (Phoenix - N 7th)

Phoenix has pride... how about you?

Sacramento Rainbow Crosswalk

The 30 year rainbow crosswalk

San Antonio Rainbow Crosswalk

Feel the love in San Antonio
San Antonio

Harvey Milk Plaza

Honor Harvey Milk's charismatic spirit and legacy
San Francisco

National AIDS Memorial Grove

Healing sanctuary for those impacted by HIV and the loss of loved ones.
San Francisco

Castro Rainbow Crosswalk

Walk with pride on San Fran's rainbow crosswalks
San Francisco

Pink Triangle Park

Dedication to the LGBT community that was lost during the Nazi regime.
San Francisco

Seattle Rainbow Crosswalk

Rainbow crosswalks galore

Long Beach Rainbow Crosswalk

A splash of rainbow color

Transgender Memorial Garden

Honoring the transgender people we've lost
St. Louis

Toronto Rainbow Crosswalk

Put a little pep in your step with rainbow crosswalks

Jim Deva Plaza

Public plaza in the heart of Davie Village

The Really Gay History Tour

Learn all about LGBTQ2+ history in Vancouver

Vancouver Rainbow Crosswalk

The first of many rainbow crosswalks in Canada.

Dr. Franklin E. Kameny House

Home of gay rights activist Dr. Franklin E. Kameny
Washington, DC