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  • Zonie's Closet Broad Ripple, Indianapolis


  • xojacobaddison
    xojacobaddison reviewed Zonie's Closet Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Very laid back and intimate bar.
    Zonie's Closet is a very fun and entertaining bar on the near east side of Indianapolis. When you walk in you are greeted by a warm and intimate atmosphere. There is something about this bar that just makes you feel at home. If it isn't the extremely friend bar staff, it is the very candid entertainer on the mic stalling for the next performer. This is drag at it's realest. There are not a lot of limits at this bar and everyone is welcome. Everyone is there to have a good time... no drama. You can call to reserve seats or just show up 5 minutes early, because every seat in the bar is taken by the end of the night. This is a small town bar just located right outside downtown. They have shows 4 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. They all start at 10:30... ish. Grab your cocktail and strap yourself in for the ride. Zonie's Closet will amaze and confuse you every show.