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  • stuartminnesota
    stuartminnesota reviewed R Place Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Don't go there
    Every couple of years I visit Seattle, one of my favorite cities and have always stopped in at R-Place. Not again. This place has really changed. Granted I am no young stud (anymore), but I stopped in last night (10/28) to check it out and have a couple of drinks. What a big stuck up crowd. The bartender was a snob. Any idiot would clearly see that I was sitting alone at the bar and you would think the bartender would at least say hi and welcome me. No way. The bar was full of a bunch of guys that sat around posing. Drinks were overpriced and a poor pour. And they dared to charge a cover on a Thursday night. Not again R-Place. I went back to my hotel and watched a movie and enjoyed myself much more. Waste of time to visit.