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    2nd Time Around...
    First stayed at IH three years ago. Had the opportunity to get back there for a four-day (3-night) stay, and I have to say that the experience was not nearly as fantastic as the first time around. Firstly, the staff remains very attentive to any needs, and they are very easy to chat up. A LARGE majority of the cleaning/bar/server staff (mostly foreign boys) remain VERY attractive and are a nice treat to look at. The overall cleanliness of the place is second to none, another tribute to their attentiveness. We stayed in the same room we did three years ago, so I'm comparing apples to apples. The toilet had a gentle rock to it just like it did three years ago, and one of the two lights over the bathroom mirror was out. I guess this wasn't noticed during either of the two cleanings the room underwent. The other odd item was that there were three porn channels on the tv, but not many more regular cable channels available. I found myself going down to the gym to watch the news/sports scores. While I didn't find major fault with the actual room, the overall ambiance was decidedly different this time around. From one group of guests there was a bit more of a "party" atmosphere, to the point that they were drunk and loud and not caring about other guests (regardless of time). I noted that the staff did nothing to quell the noise even though it was in proximity to the front desk. The other group of guests consisted of older gentlemen in their 60's and 70's who acted a bit lecherous throughout the days/nights. It made it a bit uncomfortable to truly enjoy the "clothing optional"ness of the place. Decorum, gentlemen! The other item of concern (which maybe I overlooked the first time around) was that the cafe (which still serves GREAT food) seemed quite high in their prices -- for all meals!! I'm no cheapskate, but I think $7.00 for a grill cheese sandwich (no sides) was a bit high. Three eggs in the morning were $6.00 or $6.50 (no sides). Sure, I have no problem paying for "convenience" of having the poolside cafe right in the resort, but I found it staggering nonetheless. With the TALL room prices, perhaps a continental breakfast would be a compromising amenity? Hopefully a third stay will return us to the GREAT time we had the first time around! The Sunday Pre-Tea party definitely brought in a good group of day-passers!