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  • Steamworks Boystown, Chicago


  • samx
    samx reviewed Steamworks Over a year ago
    Hates it

    save your time and money and go to Manscountry instead
    It was my first and my last time at Chicago's Steamworks. It was nothing like the glowing reviews it is getting. It has a single floor of room maze, compared to 3 floors of Manscountry. The overrated Steamworks jacuzzy turned out to be a small triangular area sufficient for 5 guys, the water was foaming and seemed dirty. The gym is full of old style machines and free weights and as a rule is empty except occasional 1-2 guys. The croud on Saturday midnight was 99% bottoms, young, middle aged, with puffy or sagging bodies. There were 2 hot black guys. I hooked with one of them but the crowd of bottoms followed us everywhere and would not leave us alone even when asked explicitly so we had to give up doing anything. The place is designed so that you can't get any privacy anywhere and have to give free sex shows to the hordes of sex-hungry bottoms constantly circulating around. That is, unless you get an overpriced room. Manscountry is way better because you can always hide with your man in a corner or a rest room without being bothered by hordes of insolent bottoms. Being located in the middle of Boistown, I expected Steamworks to be queeny and filled with lame sex experience but not to the extent I witnessed! The place is simply no fun if you really wanna have hot sex with hot guys in private.

  • samx
    samx reviewed Man's Country Over a year ago
    Loves it

    REAL SEX unlike Steamworks
    Manscountry isn't all terracotta like Steamworks but it is way bigger - has 3 floors of room mazes, while Steamworks has only one. You can meet nice gay men at Manscountry, I usually get a good top dick in a matter of half an hour on busy days, unlike Steamworks which is just a queen convetion for young queens and middle aged bottoms with man boobs that suck each other as if that is the hottest thing on Earth. It is always possible to find privacy in Manscountry and people will leave you alone if you tell them so. That is not the case in Steamworks where, if you get a locker not a room, you are forced to give public sex shows to the man-boobs. Despite the bad reputation, Manscountry is clean enough to me and it provides for some real hot sex, which rarely happens in the overrated Boistown Steamworks.