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  • Club XYZ North Knoxville, Knoxville


  • russblack
    russblack reviewed Club XYZ Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great fun, great people. A MUST see place
    Visited XYZ because reviews for Knoxville said this was best gay bar/ club in town- did not disappoint at all. I was concerned with funboi61287 comments on this site that said owner was a racist, a "mess" and he was totally offended. First, I am white but partner is black and not one racist comment from owner or anyone. In fact, the place was well mixed, better than bars in Lexington and Atlanta. Yes, its not facy but lots of fun. The owner started the drag show with her crazy drag- it was intended to be crazy- she was a ball. I commend her on a great bar in the south that invites all to have a great time. Yes there is some drugs out back- if you want it. Will return. PS we found Knoxville a delight and more friendly than Nashville or Lexington. The downtown market square was the best I have seen in a southern city by far. Will be back again soon.