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  • FLEX Spas Phoenix Central Phoenix, Phoenix


  • regiesura
    regiesura reviewed FLEX Spas Phoenix Over a year ago
    Hates it

    The unhealthy club FLEX
    I went to the club on Friday October 19. This was the worst experience I've had, the Costumer service was really bad, few people and place was infested of baby rats. I made complain because I saw the animals on the video room’s area and they ignored this. I ask to the cafeteria guy for the manager and he told me the manager is not there at that time he asked me why and I explain the situation to him. I decided to leave the place at check out I told the cashier about this review because that place had no manger. Immediately the manager came out and told me in a rude and aggressive way; why I needed to make too many complains about the baby rats he said you want me to disappear the rats by magic? The manager was very aggressive with me and almost hit me. The worst experience I've had in a club I had in FLEX. Would not recommend