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  • Rumors Night Club Downtown, Grand Rapids
  • The Apartment Downtown, Grand Rapids
  • The Diplomat Grand Rapids Downtown, Grand Rapids


  • playwme1986
    playwme1986 reviewed The Apartment Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great place to mingle
    Interested in a place to meet locals and mingle this is it. During the last year I have frequented on many occasions. The staff is friendly and the clientele is most definitely not to be missed. Everyone made me feel welcome and I made new friends quickly.

  • playwme1986
    playwme1986 reviewed Rumors Night Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun atmosphere
    This establishment, for the conservative city of its location is hella fun. Definitely recommend but check before arriving as to the nights festivities because you may end up having a more positive, enjoyable experience than expected

  • playwme1986
    playwme1986 reviewed The Diplomat Grand Rapids Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Ask a local.
    As a frequent traveler and man about town I have seen bathhouses in many cities. Now as a resident of GR I'm appalled that this one is allowed to remain open. While the staff was friendly and accommodating there was nobody there. I dropped $30 and three hours of my time only to be disappointed with no action. That tells me something that the locals must have already learned regarding this establishment. Now, let me say this isn't my first time here it's my third in as many months. I have been attempting to give the place a chance. Even on a Saturday when I was here the play was lack luster at best. At that time there were four guys including myself and I was the only one under thirty. The others appeared to be much older than I, not that it's a bad thing just wasn't my thing. So sufice it to say, of all the BH in all the cities I have frequented, the staff here is great, it's clean for the most part, but business is slow and the locals are the ones who know why.