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  • maxwellj72
    maxwellj72 reviewed Chuck's Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    We have always loved Chuck's. It has always been one of the favorite parts of any trip we've taken to Savannah. Until now. My friends and I will never step foot in the place again. They have a new "dress code" which includes things like "No Tank Tops (Men)" and "No Loose Fitting Pants". I don't know if anyone has mentioned this to Chuck, but his bar is a dive which, until now, has always welcomed everyone. It appears they have now adopted a completely racist and sexist new policy that has changed our minds about this place. The bouncer (who was black - that's important in a minute) refused to let my friend in Saturday night because he was wearing a tank top - despite the fact that there were other people (men and women) wearing tank tops. They were all white. My friend is black. We were all shocked and I tried to figure out from the bouncer what was going on. He immediately became enraged and would not discuss the matter and eventually told all of us to leave. What's even more shocking is the article in this month's "Out" magazine hailing Chuck's as a great gay bar. If you care at all about the rights of others - gay, straight, white or black, then I suggest you never visit Chuck's again. I know that all of us will be spending our money somewhere else on our next trip. One good note: the bartender is a great guy. I hope he finds somewhere to work where LGBT and non-white people want to spend money.