Tom Weed, 53.

Washington, District of Columbia
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  • JR's Bar Dupont, Washington
  • The Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley Downtown, Rochester



  • jakesmydawg
    jakesmydawg reviewed DC Eagle Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Leather yummm
    love the place its huge and warm. I have been there several times. I like the leather events and alot of hot guys were there for sure. I do not suggest happy hour, like a few guys only ever when I go to happy hour there. I will not see the place with alot of guys as I am not a late night guy and am not around at midnight so I will be missing out I guess. I am a happy hour kinda dude so even though I love leather and the community I do not want to be roaming around down that way at 2 or 3 am. Thanks. If I were a late night guy I am sure it would be a blast so check it out if your late.

  • jakesmydawg
    jakesmydawg reviewed Town Danceboutique Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Holy cow
    Just moved to DC. Max from number nine suggested I check out Town and I walked over at 730pm on a friday night. I was shocked how many guys were there for happy hour, a sea of hot dudes. I could not stay and I dont want to walk that street late at night so I need to figure out how to get around on the subway I guess. Huge place and friendly people , I would say its a scruff bar but I was told it is a bear happy hour which I did not realize from the looks of things. Looked like in shape scruffy t shirt and jeans types of dudes. woof.

  • jakesmydawg
    jakesmydawg reviewed JR's Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Don't go alone
    Just moved here, been there several times. I am a decent looking dude too. The bartenders do not care who you are and it is not good to go alone. clicky and not a pick up bar at all. I would go back with friends but not alone. No place to sit so be prepared unless you want to sit alone on the upper deck where no one goes that I noticed.