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    Love it!
    Okay to start off it may seem a bit dingy but I really like it, Its underground (well under the underground). I went there today with someone I met online, started sucking him off in the saunas before we went to one of the booths where he took me doggy for a while. But we both wanted to get someone else for a 3 some so we went for a look in the dark room. Immediately two guys followed and one with his cock out, a big one. I took it straight away and started sucking him off before we went to his private booth and he fucked my doggy as well before cumming over my ass, he fucked me so hard but good. After that I went to the movie room and met a guy there who sucked me off for while, then I left him to go to the dark room but couldn't find anyone there so I went back and met the same guy again. We went to a booth, sucked each other and he fucked me for a bit but we kinda started talking for a long time and he turned out to be a pretty awesome guy. This was just my visit today, my previous visits have all been great so far! I'd love to go again soon, If anyone wants to come with, email me at [email protected], 21 yr old bottom here