Robert Clevenger, 71M. was at a mans club.. and got a large room.. 8 hr stay.. was there all night and met no one.. but I did find the sheets had blood on them .. I was there 8 hours never met one person.. so I went to the maze I fell.. and I went to the desk and the latin manager did not understand I was hurt.. earlier in the evening I noticed one of the staff was not cleaning he was having sex with someone in the room.. he was supposed to clean later.. the staff makes sure they have sex and not there paying customer.. I can see why tacoma is the number one gay community and seattle gay community is falling do to gentrification and there between 5 and 6 keep treating out of towners the way you do you might just fall to 100 faster than you think henry

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  • Steamworks Seattle Capitol Hill, Seattle
  • Club Z Gay Baths Downtown, Seattle
  • Equal Rights Washington Pike Place, Seattle
  • Pike Place Public Market Belltown, Seattle


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    no wanted anwher
    I just thought mydocotr wants me to have a procedure done after the holidays or eventually I might die in my sleep of a heart attack .. what he doesn t know I am not going to do it I want out of this life I am suicidal but I just will not have the procedure when it time to go I will go.. rest in peace.. I am tire d of being treated like crap on line and off.. I have been on a million paid personal sigts never met any one thrown under the bus by groups I have joined..kicked out of mens clubs in seattle ignored at venues ... so I am done I have tried but I always kicked kicked in the teeth.. so I will enjoy xmas at mysisters and become recluse nobody likes me any way so merry christmas thanks club z for kicking me out

  • henry84155
    henry84155 reviewed Equal Rights Washington Over a year ago
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    tats how I ma treated in seattle rejected and dijected no money honey

  • henry84155
    henry84155 reviewed Pike Place Public Market Over a year ago
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    have a lot of history
    I have italian history that dates back to 1917 and far as I ma concerned the pike place market is a tourist trap and the prices for a lot of stuff outrageous..when I was growing up the truckfarmers sold there crops .. then had some wine and went home.. now it is justa lot of shops

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    have not been for 2 years now 1 2016
    steamworks 86 ed me over 2 years ago I complained because younger guys were playing me.. I am mature always had a great time then all of a sudden the crowd became cold an found alot of men already knew each other.. I want to thank them for kicking me out I was able to put more money down ona purchase of a condo in federal way wa check your finances an consider if it is worth it henry