34M. I was in Canada in the midle of 2008 and I didn't forget this wonderful country yet. I did good friendships there, met nice people and I really want to go back to your country :)

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  • Black Eagle Gay Village, Toronto
  • Woody's Gay Village, Toronto
  • Crews & Tangos Gay Village, Toronto


  • guilhermegvva
    guilhermegvva reviewed Fly Over a year ago
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    Fly.. I went here :)
    Before I went to Canada, all the brazilians had told me that I need to go to Fly and I went. I like this nightclub, but I think that canadians usually like pubs or something like this. I miss Canada a lot... if someone want to have a brazilian friend... please.. send me a message! :)

  • guilhermegvva
    guilhermegvva reviewed Crews & Tangos Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I miss there!
    I know that my review could be a little strange, but last year I was in Canada and I stayed in Toronto a month. I went some days to Church and there I started to really know how the canadians have fun. I really miss your country.. If someone there want a brazilian friend.. please, talk with me.. I'll be happy!