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  • fsioab1
    fsioab1 reviewed Chuck's Bar Over a year ago
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    Chuck Bar
    Went to Chucks Bar last night for the first time in almost a year. I regret it. I have been to bars from Tokyo to Key West and this has to be the worst I have ever been in bar none! Had friends in town staying at a downtown hotel. Went to Chucks for a beer before a late dinner with them. Ordered my beer, was served a 2.00 BPR which is what I ordered. Tipped the female bartender a buck. Left. Had dinner sans alcohol. Had dinner with friends and they had to return to the hotel. Went wanted to go out so I told them to meet me at Chucks. I went to Chucks, ordered another BPR until my friends came and when the 'male' bartender, a rude asshole I might add, placed the beer in front of me he demanded to be tipped and said if I did not tip him not to come back. I always tip, usually on the second beer, but I was so shocked I refused to tip. Took my beer to a small table opposite the bar and had one sip when the bouncer came over and said I had tipped the bartended. I said no and he said the bartender said I had to leave to 'get the hell out' and never come back! I wanted to tip the beer over but was so shocked I just left. Extortion from a rude bartender!!! Friendly bar my ass!!! So I waited outside from my friends and we had a great time at Club One. I will tell everyone I know never to darken the doors of Chuck's Bar!!!