How bad do u wanna know ;), 29F. In the stars kinda person...Very deep vocalist also very gay...Theres lots to say about such an individual like myself but really who reads these things anyway>>Live.Love and be Free ~Peace~

Fort Worth, Texas
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  • Havana Lounge Oaklawn, Dallas
  • Station 4 Oaklawn, Dallas
  • Vocalprophet
    Vocalprophet reviewed Havana Lounge Over a year ago
    Loves it

    THE IT SPOT!!!
    Yes Yes Yes this is the place to be.... I just hate it when it gets to crowded...They should stop letting people in when it gets that way..Seems like it would be losing money but really its not cuz those people who ddnt get in are going to want to come the next week...And when they get in there they'll wanna come again and again and again.. Havana's Havanas's Havana's