Jay J, 51M. Travel a lot...for business, pleasure and the right (I hope) combination of the two sometimes, so I get to know a lot of gay places 'round the world. Excesively well educated, I have an eye for quality, fashion and manners.

Amman, Jordan
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  • The Eagle NYC Chelsea, New York
  • The Monster West Village, New York
  • Comptons of Soho Soho, London


  • RuthlessDuchess
    RuthlessDuchess reviewed The Eagle NYC Over a year ago
    Hates it

    luv it
    A mandatory stop in my regular pilgrimages to NYC, The Eagle is what it is, and one has to take it as such. Nice crowd (if one into that kinna crowd), stiff drinks and amazingly good music. Cruising is the word, and also a lot of variety is appreciated.

  • RuthlessDuchess
    RuthlessDuchess reviewed The Monster Over a year ago
    Hates it

    ... not my cuppa tea
    Completely misled by a big fan, I was utterly dismayed when stepping in. True: it was middle of the week and a extremely wet and frisky April night but we found the venue almost empty except for a cheerful group of clearly usual patrons gathered around the piano devotedly singing Musicals tunes (yesssss, I acknowledge my weakness). I mildly appreciated the extremely kitsch deco, it had a charming “je ne sais quoi”, indeed. Correct by limit icy staff served us acceptable value for money drinks. After a brief tour of the facilities (a visit to the loo) I discovered my bf had vanished in thin air... just to find him outside having a ciggie, his excuse to avoid a couple of customers who almost sit on his lap while I was gone :@ We did not visit the basement club outraged by the cover fee and the complete lack of expectations in terms of ambiance and/or crowd. My big fan friend still does not understand why we left the place without a better impression.

  • RuthlessDuchess
    RuthlessDuchess reviewed Comptons of Soho Over a year ago
    Hates it

    show, show, show off!!!
    A classic in gay SOHO, a lot of stearing and showing off outside (strangely clonic men all crowded together on a narrow piece of pavement), mostly nobody inside, and -notice the quotes pls- "action" in the rest rooms: basically men trying to get a look at your piece while havin' a wee. Pfffffff would be my main reaction.

  • RuthlessDuchess
    RuthlessDuchess reviewed The Crew Club Over a year ago
    Hates it

    It all depends on standards...
    Let's be clear: compared with the European saunas... :-( But among the very poor US market I found The Crew Club a more than acceptable place. Correct in terms of hygiene, staff limit dry... although nothing a real Duchess cannot deal with. Funny the system of renting cabins... had seen it previously in Germany, but it is not widely spread. Pity there is not a bar but a couple of crappy vending machines. I'll come back when in DC.

  • RuthlessDuchess
    RuthlessDuchess reviewed DC Eagle Over a year ago
    Hates it

    And I thought the Duchesses were rude!
    Staff not friendly at all, they even refused to serve me a drink when I showed my 50 bucks bill on the excuse of not havin' any change. When I asked where could I get it changed I was simply told that was not their problem and was invited to basically bugger-off... very different from the NYC Eagle but as any other "leather" bar in the States... basically a place where you find a lot of "strouting one' stuff" but very little or none at all socializing / action. I regret the time I spent there.