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    NEVER HAVE I EVER!!!!! This has got to be the worst bar experience I have every had in my life! I visited here tonight and the experience started off wrong. The bartender was so drunk that he could not function properly. My friend and I separately ordered two of the same drink, and each one came out as something different. YES! The cost of the drinks here are cheap, but the experience you receive explains the price. Especially if you’re a “minority”. When we first walked in, everything was perfectly fine. The Dive bar setting did not turn us off from attempting to have a good time. The clouds of cigarette smoke was not a factor either. When my friend and I ordered drinks for the first go-around, everything was subpar, but suitable for the environment. The bartender asked us if we wanted to open up a tab, or close out. We both agreed we’d open up a tab, and the bartender proceeded to accept our cards. I had told the bartender that it’s fine if he opens up a tab under my credit card, but I also informed him that I’d be paying in cash. Cool! The bartender held on to both mine and my friends cards (which is fine!) but looked at my friends debit card and drunkenly questioned his name and the pronunciation. My friend reiterated his name to the intoxicated bartender MULTIPLE times, and the bartender laughed and mocked both the pronunciation and the spelling, blaming the reasoning for his actions to be for “not being able to pronounce words”.... okay. Sure... so as the night goes on, I switch my drink for something a little more simple and ask for my check. The bartender asks me if I had opened up a previous tab. NOW... with both myself, my friend, and SIX other people INCLUDING THE OWNER!!!!!! I don’t understand how a sober mind can’t keep track of who did and didn’t open up a tab... it’s Thursday night and it’s not busy. Nonetheless that’s is not where the bulk of my frustration comes from. My frustration starts when the bartender accuses me of never giving him my card. When I correct him firmly yet very respectfully while trying to jog his memory on me handing over my card, he threatens to throw both myself and my friend out because he says I’m rude and he knows he’s not wrong! I show him my credit card again, and I ask him was he sure a tab was not opened because I had already given him my card when I ordered my first drink. He says “NO!” And proceeds to continuously tell me he’s going to be sure I get put out if I don’t stop talking. I keep mentioning my card again to him because I didnt want my card ran if I’m paying CASH!!! I also wanted to be sure that my card was not tailored onto another open tab meant for another guest. At this point I’m frustrated by the bartenders terrible service and I began to argue with him because he’s disrespectful. We exchange words, as he constantly verbalizes that I need to leave him alone before “things get bad for me”... as a person on the clock at their place of employment this is not acceptable. I ask for my bill and he tells me the cost. As he turns around I hear him utter the word “Nigger”... I ask him to repeat what he said as we are both standing up and he continues to banter about me needing it leaving. I pay my bill with MORE than a few parting words, and as I exit, the drunk owner and his “straight friend” block my path and says that my friend and I need to leave... I rudely tell the owner that’s what we were trying to until he and his friend decided to block our path. The owner then began to rant about how he’s owns and has ran this bar for 30 years as if I’m suppose to care... I am offended. As a Patron and as an African American person I have never recieved service quite like this and I won’t stand for it. I understand I live in Georgia, but this is unexecptable. FOR NO REASON SHOULD AN OWNER DEFEND THEIR EMPLOYEE WITHOUT INVESTING THE SITUATION. This is unfair treatment and LEGAL ACTION WILL TAKE PLACE. I will be speaking with an attorney. I refuse to be called a NIGGER In any establishment no matter the race of the employee.