Greg Porter, 66. Naturist - seeking others at home and abroad! I can welcome guests and also love travelling. If you're into sharing intimate moments, please get in touch.* I'm also into sexy underwear - men's of course!!!

Paris, France
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    ParisNat reviewed Desert Paradise Hotel
    Over a year ago

    I must say I enjoyed...

    ... my stay at the Desert Paradise in February. My room (Bette Davis Suite) was both comfortable and clean, serviced every day. The grounds are very well-tended, too, with lots of nice flowers. Pity about some of the guests, though - a couple of big mouths with a little twink in tow, who brought in pther big-mouthed guests from outside, plus an absolutely pathetic pair from WI. They got up quite a few people's noses! Ron is always on hand, helpful and cheerful, and doing his best to make things go as well as possible. On balance, I think I'll go back to Desert Paradise!

    I like it!

    I've been going for several years now to the Vista Grande Resort and I wouldn't go anywhere else! I like the atmosphere - going naked all day is great. I've met some really nice guys there and have always appreciated the atmosphere. OK - it's not the most modern place in town but it does have a certain charm. I go there twice a year from Europe - so I want good value in an expensive holiday... I'm booked for a week in February after a few days in San Fran. Anyone else be around then? Write me! Big naturist hugs to you all! G