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  • Fun Hog Ranch Paradise Fruit Loop, Las Vegas
  • Stirrup Nashville South Nashville, Nashville
  • NathanVegas
    NathanVegas reviewed Stirrup Nashville Over a year ago
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    When you know you're home...
    When you first go to a new town, you make the rounds bouncing from place to place having a drink or 2 until you find THAT bar. You know the one where the bartender has a big smile, the drinks are served quickly and cold, the place is clean, the customers don't glare at the new guy but rather engage in conversation, where the men are handsome and not pretty, and where you go back to first when you come back to town? Hands down THAT bar is Stirrup in Nashville. I just moved to Nashville and when I first walked into Stirrup...That's when I knew I was home.

  • NathanVegas
    NathanVegas reviewed Fun Hog Ranch Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Liberal Pours...Open Doors
    I just moved to Vegas and went searching for my new hangout. I went to 2 bars before "The Pig" and haven't gone anywhere else. $1.50 wells and domestics on happy hour Monday through Friday. $1.00 Bloody Mary's served with a stick of homemade beef jerky on Sundays. Chip and James are the best bartenders (dead sexy too) but everyone is friendly and all have a lazy arm when it comes to returning the bottle to it's upright position. It is a no thrills neighborhood bar but try it out and it will bring you back to Vegas more than the slot machines. See you there.