Omaha, Nebraska
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  • Flixx Video Bar Southeast, Omaha
  • Omaha Mining Company Southeast, Omaha
  • Burger Lust Cafe Omaha
  • Caffeine Dreams Omaha


  • MunkeyBear
    MunkeyBear reviewed Flixx Video Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A mix of crowds depending on the time of day.
    Older crowd earlier in the day. Around 9-10 a younger crowd makes it's way in. Several drink specials depending on the day. Great bartenders. There is a separate show bar for drag shows and other events.

  • MunkeyBear
    MunkeyBear reviewed Omaha Mining Company Over a year ago
    Loves it

    New Management New Bar
    The new owner and management have turned this bar around. There are regular events in the "Mine Shaft" basement bar, regular events in the back room dance floor and stage including Drag Shows, and Dance events. The main bar has that neighborhood bar feel. I knew the bar with the previous owner and it never really got off the ground. The new owner has done amazing things with the space.