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  • Martuni's The Castro, San Francisco
  • Hole in the Wall Saloon SOMA, San Francisco
  • Powerhouse SOMA, San Francisco


  • HalCall
    HalCall reviewed Wild Side West Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Perfect Neighborhood Bar
    Wild Side West is a landmark, being the oldest gay or lesbian bar in SF. But the lesbian owners have always said that it's a neighborhood bar that just "happens" to get a lot of lesbians. And that's true. It has a warm, smallish interior with fireplace and the pool table Janis Joplin once played pool on (and was reportedly laid on as well). The interior looks very old. Outside they have a back yard. Most places would call it a patio. It's a back yard. And it's perfect for this non-pretentious place where you might as likely meet a radical dyke as a gay male programmer or a straight guy from the 'hood just stopping in for a drink. The staff are friendly types, they mix good drinks, and for major holidays and some birthdays they often have a food spread. I think I'd be there every day if I still lived in the neighborhood.

  • HalCall
    HalCall reviewed Martuni's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fabulous In Every Way!
    I can't say enough good things about Martuni's! It's a faggy piano bar! I'm happy that such places still exist in the world. What's more the management had done it exactly right. The drinks are first-rate, the decor is absolutely beautiful, and the pianists are top quality all the way. In the back room, you can sit at the piano and take turns singing to the piano each night until way late. Be on the lookout for Katy Stephan, first-rate vocalist and songwriter. She's world class quality. Martuni's is the place to go with your foofy hairdresser and fashion model friends, or with your best buddy. The customers always seem friendly, the bartenders are great, and sometimes you're treated to performances by folks such as the cast of Beach Blanket Babylon. A MUST SEE!

  • HalCall
    HalCall reviewed Gangway Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Neighborhood Bar
    You want an unpretentious fag bar? You've got it. Unassuming, longtime dive, the Gangway scratches that itch when you want to relax with a drink and talk to local characters.

  • HalCall
    HalCall reviewed Hole in the Wall Saloon Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Not The Old Hole
    I must say that the owners went overboard with the stained glass window in front. How many gay bars have stained glass? The new Hole would work much better if they found a way to deaden the noise -- it sounds like a high school gym in there -- and made it cozy. Inside it looks way too industrial. Fix those two problems and the new Hole will be a winner. The crowd is good, the drinks are good, the bartenders friendly.

  • HalCall
    HalCall reviewed The Stud Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I'm Hoping Things Will Get Better
    The Stud has a history, but unfortunately most of the history took place elswhere before the Stud moved to its current place. The sign that says "Universal Live Corral" survives from the time (at the other location) when they became a "Universal Life Church" so that they could have "religious services" in order to run an after hours dance club. It was that kind of chutzpah that made the Stud what it was. Today, however, it survives mostly on theme nights. The place has that well-worn hippie feel to it, which is cool. I wish they can find their niche because the bartenders are nice and the place feels warm and cozy, and they deserve more business.

  • HalCall
    HalCall reviewed Powerhouse Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Good and Bad - You Choose
    The Bad: Some bartenders are self-obsessed and can be very rude. There is an actor working there who is really into himself and not much more. It's also packed on the weekends, which can be bad if you don't like getting jammed in. The Good: It's an old-style leather bar kind of place. People are friendly on the slow nights, and some bartenders and barbacks go out of their way to be friendly. It's also a great place to meet new visitors to town, and to learn about the history of the scene from the oldtimers. Ages are mixed from 21 to 70s, and people all seem to get along. They have some of the most ridiculous contests (wet underwear, etc) and theme nights ($1 off on Tuesdays if you have a tattoo or a piercing). This can be good depending on your fetish. All in all I give the place an A- because I like it during the off-times and the drinks are good.