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    AVOID THIS PLACE! I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO ONLINE REVIEWS. :( There is a coupon on the website that says "Free Trial Membership $5 Lockers" for Under 30. So I jumped in a cab (E train was down) on Sunday September 17 and arrived at East Side Club at 9:35PM. On the wall next to the entrance booth is a small plaque that reads "Coupons Only Valid Monday - Thurs." The coupon I saved on my phone from their website had no expiration date, no limitations beside age, and on the website it says "Coupon Valid 24/7" below this particular coupon. So I was ready to argue with this contradiction. Yet still, I was denied entrance. The coupon had to be PRINTED! Because people still print tickets/coupons, right!? To top it all off, there was no warning on the coupon OR the website that it must be printed to be valid. Me, being a handsome, young, fit lad who would surely bring good experiences to their clientele, I was amazed! "So I just came all the way here with this coupon, and you can't help me out even though the purpose of the coupon is to get new [young] business." The manager looked at me with no empathy and sated, "It's in the rule book. No." The only explanation here is this company is dishonest. I left at that moment.