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  • DesingerOne
    DesingerOne reviewed Man's Country Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Man Country
    This place might have been big in the '70 but today it is a dump. I have rented different rooms and found either the door knob or floof covered in some kind of lube or? and the smell is awful, the last time I was there (and haven't gone back since) I had bed bug bites on my back and legs, I had to throw out my cloths and washed or an hour before I felt clean again The steam room the might clean twice a year has slime on the sitting area and floor (how long has that been there? The people are nasty and I have had my room broken into and wallet taken, so you better tak the free lock up at the counter. Several huslers there as well (why would I pay for somthing I can get for free?) Steamworks is much, much cleaner, more to offer, better clientel,and about the same price. Anyone who dosn't belive me check it out and you be the judge. Take care guys!