Debbie Rodriques, 66.

Independence, Missouri
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  • Bistro 303 Midtown - Westport, Kansas City
  • Hamburger Mary's Downtown, Kansas City


  • Debrodriques
    Debrodriques reviewed Hamburger Mary's Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Terrible service
    The last 3 times I've come here with friends, it has been awful. The service was beyond terrible. Wait staff who couldn't care less about you and in the long run evidently couldn't care less about the owner if they're treating patrons this way. Eric (owner) is a very nice guy. I don't think he'd want like it to know his wait staff rarely gets orders correct, some don't look you in the eye, never come back for refills of water or tea....seriously....out of the 9 people in my party the last time I was there, none of us will return. That was $20 per person (do the math with me people) X9 = $180.00 approximate bill. With a 20% tip if it was good....which it wasn't...but that would have been $36 to the server...of which he got a big fat donut hole that day because he never came to the table unless we went to find him ourselves, no refills, food late, not together, never checked on cold....too bad HM...I really liked this place to play and drink/eat.....

  • Debrodriques
    Debrodriques reviewed Bistro 303 Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Love this place
    This is the place to have a great time even if you're having a quick cocktail before you go to the show. The owners are awesome and the staff is outstanding!!!