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    DariusJ reviewed Roman Holiday Health Club II first review First to Review
    Over a year ago

    Facility is nice...clientele, not so great

    I went here for the first time this afternoon, stayed about 45 minutes and then left. I heard it caters to an older crowd, and I love hot, older men. The crowd was certainly mature, but not the least bit hot. The best thing was the large Jacuzzi. It was the perfect temperature. The size of the place is also impressive. The lap pool is actually too small for laps, but I still enjoyed it. But there was no sex going on anywhere, just men walking around. Nothing going on in either the steam or dry sauna. There didnt seem to be anything going on in the private rooms either. Men had their doors open but the lighting was so low inside that you couldnt tell who or what was in there. The rooftop patio was nice for nude sunbathing. But still, I wont be back.