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  • Effex Nightclub Albuquerque


  • ChicagoGuyPassingThrough
    ChicagoGuyPassingThrough reviewed Albuquerque Social Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Not expecting this.....
    So there is a glimmer of hope for gay nightlife in Albuquerque. I became a member a few weeks ago. Hung out had some drinks and chatted with quite a few people. Very friendly crowd, and to be a little cliche "Social ." Head about the show this past weekend so bought a ticket. Great show. But what struck was a new look and feel in the bar. What a change in a couple weeks. Noticed the sound was WAY better and the bar had been remolded. Met a board member and they said that there are going to be many more upgrades and changes coming. I am glad to have given the club a second chance. After so many fails with other clubs in town I'm glad to have found this diamond in the rough. Cannot wait to see what is next.

  • ChicagoGuyPassingThrough
    ChicagoGuyPassingThrough reviewed Effex Nightclub Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Shockingly sub-par
    Originally from Chicago I've had the opportunity to party at some of the best clubs in the country. This "club" is not even close. Lighting may be good, the rest has less to offer. The music is so loud my ears were ringing for hours after leaving. The go-go boys are skinny and have more attitude then a 14yo tween. High priced drinks and under poured. Asked for three different drinks and the bartender said they didn't have the liquor for any of them. Had to settle for a beer. Saw people getting free shots and drinks from the bartenders and they were obviously over served. The three nights I went. First time someone got stabbed in the club. Second-time some drag queens in a so-called vip area, got so trashed they were smoking in the building and one even fell and broke a table...WTF! So that was mark one and two against them. Came back this past weekend (third time is a charm right) and they had 10 DJ spinning. Are you kidding me. This place is not a club it is a mess. If you like messy people, bartenders that over serve, limited over priced alcohol & dodging vomit, drunks on the sidewalk after close. This is the place for you......I will NEVER return nor would I EVER recommend this "club" to anyone.