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  • Club Aqua Miami Coral Gables, Miami


  • Boricua30
    Boricua30 reviewed Club Aqua Miami Over a year ago
    Hates it

    AVOID THIS PLACE, I was in a layover in mia and went to the club, had money in cash that only the 2 people who check in at the same time and the clerk knew, well guess what someone sneak into my room and stole all of it 1,000 cash. Ended up returning back home and my whole vacation ruin due to this prick. When I called the club ohh wwooww ohh i might text the manager but theres nothing we can do. When call the police well you must return to the club and call the police there if you are at the airport we have nothing to do with it. Also it was full of mainly old guys. Will never be back here in my life. Manager Response by email I am very sorry for your loss. I understand how frustrating you must feel. I do not have cameras in the rooms. I cannot go back and check. I only have cameras in the locker room and the front lobby. I know I cannot say anything to make it better. Unfortunately. it is a really bad situation for everyone involved. I have recently been robbed myself. My bumper was stolen from my car while I slept. My bumper cost 2500 to replace. All the best Ana If you dare I encourage you to continue support this place, employees and pricks who put your safety into deep questioning. Also let me advise you Miami Dade Police wont care too much either. Have fun.