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  • AnnMarieD
    AnnMarieD reviewed Gay 90's Minneapolis Over a year ago
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    DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON VIP/BOTTLE SERVICE!!!! NOT WORTH IT! NOT TREATED AS VIP, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, THEY DELIVER A BOTTLE AND YOUR MIXERS, POUR YOUR FIRST DRINK AND NOTHING FROM THERE OUT! This was my first experience of down town Minneapolis. It started off with amazing/fabulous service and great food in their happy hour area. We tipped our server almost 30% and then moved upstairs to the La Femme Drag Show area. About 30 minutes after being upstairs I asked our same server from down stairs for Bottle/VIP service, starting at $150/bottle. I decided to go for Grey Goose at $190/bottle with an automatic $28 gratuity (15%) which I had no problem paying cause I LOVED our server from our dinner service and had all intentions of tipping him more (20%) if the great service continued! We had even selfied by this point cause he was so amazing. After he brought us our bottle and poured our first drink everything went downhill from there. I went from paying for VIP service to pouring every one of my own drinks, having to leave VIP area to find him on the floor to ask for replacement of mixing agents and at one point we were out of ice that I even went up to him at the bar with my ice pitcher and asked for more ice. 10 minutes later he is down w/ pay by the drink customers taking selfies as I'm still waiting on ice and again I've already paid gratuity in advance. I am the only one who paid for bottle service and sitting in the VIP area, that I went out to the bar then to get my own ice while he was busy selfing, Even the drag show MC and bartender noted and apologized about me getting my OWN ICE as I am missing the show. At that point 107 am on 1/22/17 I asked to DJ to speak to a manager. I never was able to speak to manager, even after asking the DJ to speak to him several times and even tried calling the bar to get a hold of someone, no luck. I approached a security guard cause last call was nearing and stated that I had been asking to speak to manager for over 40 minutes and that I would not be leaving at last call. The security guard then comes up to me to say that "The manager has already spoken to you about the issue" I then proceeded to argue w/ the security guard that I had not spoken to a manager yet and that I had been waiting since 107am which the DJ confirmed! So after being rudely treated by the security guard (later finding out is security head manager, clearly has no idea what's going on, great security right?!) and sending the rest of my party home so I could wait on a manager to talk to me the server had approached me. I explained that it's bs that I was required to pay a gratuity to get horrible service, he admitted that he was the only server on the pay by drink service area and VIP area which was easily at least 50 some people if not more! Since it was going on 230 am over almost 1.5 hours of me waiting on a manager, the server offered to give me my gratuity back. He made it right, not a manager that I asked to speak too. So I write this to warn you, I was told that bottle service was WELL WORTH it, which it always has been in Vegas, Denver, Houston, even in little old unknown Rapid City, SD BOTTLE/VIP service is well worth it and you pay for SERVICE in advance and you have a great night! IF you’re NOT GOING TO OFFER VIP SERVICE then I should be allow to tip what I want for the service I received. NOT AT GAY 90'S THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY, TREAT YOU LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AND AFTER YOUR NIGHT HAS BEEN RUINED AND YOU'VE COMPLAINED AND COMPLAINED THEN MAYBE YOUR SERVER WILL FEEL GUILTY LIKE MINE AND RETURN YOUR TIP TO MAKE IT RIGHT! It's not like I was a hard customer and a poor tipper that I deserved this treatment. My group had over $100 in ones for drag queens that we tipped out., came home with less than $20. We even tipped the security guard of the VIP section cause he made sure no one bothered us or our stuff! When I left the bar the security guard of VIP who was now watching the door told me about my party leaving (that I sent home without me while I waited on a manager) and I explained that it was all good cause I sent them ahead so I could speak to a manager. The security guard even apologized about my nonexistence VIP experience.