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    PR 51st!
    Man I keep praying PR becomes our 51st state here in the USA bc this place is just waiting to explode! Most of the people are HOT and local, so not all tourists! Don't you hate that? I mean you go on vacation to get away from tourists....LOL! Just my 2 cents. Listen, I have been to PR 11 times, and I just love it man. I always stay at a small hotel near the Condado Beach area bc that's just my thing, and you can always stagger over to Oasis and meet a hottie stripper. And I mean HOT! Ok, so Circo is a very cool joint, and you just need to let your guard down a little. The bathrooms are very PLAYFUL. VERY! VERY! VERY! VERY! VERY! LOL!!! And they have the best little restaurant across the street. Few people speak English in there but the food is cheap. Will somebody please start a petition to make this place our 51st state so I can move there without needing TAX breaks :)