Hot Shot: Beautiful Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh does not get the respect it deserves as a surprisingly gay friendly city situated on three scenic rivers. This shot was taken by GayCities member Bart Smyth, aka Trabster, who also happens to be a wonderful photographer. In his free time Bart has been photographing the Pittsburgh gay scene–hometown of the popular Showtime seriesĀ Queer As Folk–for GayCities.

“This is a relatively rare view of the city in that it was necessary for me to stop on the freeway bridge – being technically against the law and dangerous as hell – to get this shot Sunday, Sept. 5,” writes Bart. “It was worth the risk, however.”

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  • raskaldog

    Nice to see the real Pittsburgh for a change! Excellent shot!

  • franklypgh

    Now this is more like it! Excellent photo! Very professional! The photographer should consider contacting the city’s tourism office with this one and-or whoever makes photo postcards of the city. Outstanding!