So About That Whole Pride Thing…

Unless you live under a rock (or in some parts of Alabama), you must know that Pride Fever reaches boiling point this weekend. So whether you’re celebrating in New York City or Wichita, we’re sure those rainbow flags are flying at full mast. We’ve created some guides to the bigger prides this week, so if you happen to bea near one of these cities, click through to find all the amazing events lined up over the next few days:

New York City Pride Guide

San Francisco Pride Guide

Seattle Pride Guide

Chicago Pride Guide

Minneapolis/St. Paul Pride Guide

To see all the Prides slated for this weekend and beyond, from Barcelona to St. Louis, head over to GayCities’ 2011 Pride Calendar.

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  • Anonymous

    never have been treated well in seattle.. alwasy invited to march in the parade then groups in seattle throw me under the bus
    I never have ever met any one for long term.. been 11 years
    being treated as an outcast thats why I do not donate any money to anything not going to be used as a door mat then say give..
    bs…march as usual with pride then go home make sure
    that that bullies in seattle keep doing what there doing


  • Anonymous

    Well Henry, sorry you feel that way.
    But it isn’t always that way.