Drag Diva Frank Marino Dishes On Las Vegas Pride

Vegas just screams glitz and glamour, and if anyone knows all about screaming glitz and glamour, its Frank Marino. Billed as “Las Vegas’ longest running headliner,” this drag darling is best know for her iconic Divas Las Vegas show, which showcases Marino’s talent with her impersonations, like a flawless Joan Rivers, and her fabulous self decked out in Bob Mackie’s finest threads. The Sin City star took some time between her daily drag performances to dish with us on the ins and out of Las Vegas Pride.

How did you first get into drag?

I was working in a very large pharmacy in New York when I was going to college. I spent a little too much time at the make up counter instead of the pharmacy counter, and it altered the course of my life greatly.

Where can we see you perform drag during Vegas Pride?

Every night but Sunday at the Tropicana Hotel.

For out-of-towners visiting Vegas, how would you describe your city’s ‘Fruit Loop.’

Its a little area of town where there is the gay book store [Get Booked], and gay nightclubs [Piranha, Freezone, Fun Hog Ranch, QuadZ Video Bar] . Its probably the most famous area in Las Vegas for gay people to hang out.

Where do you like to go out and eat?

Oooh, I have a lot of favorite restaurants. I love Italian food. I’d say the Sinatra at the Encore Hotel

Favorite dish?


When you go out and about shopping where do you like to go? Are you a Label Queen?

I became a Label Queen. I remember saying to myself years ago, “Even if I had that kind of money, I would never spend it on an outfit!” And now I go for the labels, I don’t know why. Sometimes I feel kinda tacky when I wear them, because it looks like you’re trying to impress people. But the truth is, I just like them.

Which is your favorite label?


How Nomi Malone of you.

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