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Sin City’s hottest new show puts the ‘extra’ in extravagant

The Vegas skyline at dusk

It’s no secret that Vegas is home to some of the most talented performers and wild experiences on the planet; and with an entire strip to choose from, it’s tricky to pick which ones to pack your trip with. Luckily, Spiegelworld exists, taking all the guesswork out of planning your next wild weekend. This Vegas-based company cultivates immersive events and spaces that are equal parts exhilarating and mystifying. Let’s dive into the extraordinary worlds they’ve built!

Opulence awaits at Caesar’s Palace

Caesar's Palace entrance with bright lights and a statue in the center
Credit: Caesar’s Palace

For anyone unfamiliar with the giant hotels on the Vegas Strip, they feel a lot more like malls than hotels. Massive, sprawling, and very easy to get lost and entranced. The culinary options alone will blow your mind. Some of the Food Network’s favorite daddies (Gordon, Bobby, and Guy) all have eateries on the casino floor of Caesar’s.

Caesars Palace

Classic luxury resort 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd · Las Vegas, NV 89109
(800) 634-6661
An elegant dining area with crushed velvet and 30s style decor

Stanton Social Prime is an upscale steakhouse offering inspired flavor combinations and a moody, vibe with a modern twist. The cocktail menu alone is riveting; boasting profound flavor profiles that include the tart brilliance of Yuzu and utilizing strawberry dust to make every sip taste like a boozy Jolly Rancher. 

Do yourself a favor and start with the French Onion Soup Dumplings. The romantic, robust, and yet intoxicatingly delicate essence of a perfect French onion soup wrapped up in a bite-sized package. One taste will have you dreaming about another morsel for weeks to come. 

French onion heaven

Famous for its flaming Tomahawk steak and other exceptional cuts of meat, you would be remiss if you didn’t try a few bites of beef. The Pink Peppercorn filet is subtle, and juicy and has just the right hint of umami to help bring the creamy whipped potatoes and grilled asparagus together in harmony. 

Finally, buckle up for some truly indulgent desserts. Try a gorgeous slice of key lime pie with a fire-kissed whipped meringue top, a stunningly elegant strawberry shortcake, or one of the most beautiful slices of chocolate-peanut butter cake to grace this sweet earth. 

Credit: Stanton Social Prime

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

Venice in the desert 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd · Las Vegas, NV 89109
(877) 883-6423

After being stuffed to the brim with delicious and expertly plated dishes, make your way to the Venetian to witness Spiegelworld’s Atomic Saloon show. The Venetian Hotel is designed to emulate the romantic streets of one of Italy’s most iconic cities. Complete with an indoor canal and gondola rides; treat your sweetie to a ride before experiencing the raunchy talent within the saloon of the Atomic. 

Get ready for a wild ride!

A guitar player in a bright blue, shiny cowboy outfit smiles and points
Credit: Atomic Saloon Show

A show inspired by the old west, the moment you walk through the doors you are greeted with old-timey decor, a staff decked out in western attire, and classic cowboy tunes. In true immersive fashion, the show begins all around you, with one performer dragging an arrow-ridden body through the crowd, and another showing off his moonwalking skills on the 2nd floor balcony. Suddenly, you’re off to the races with a slew of jaw-dropping acts that show off the true talent of Vegas. 

A fit woman works four different hula-hoops around her body
Credit: Spiegelworld

Atomic Saloon Show

Saints and sinners are equally welcome 3377 South Las Vegas Blvd Grand Canal Shoppes · Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 534-3419

Incredible acrobatic stunts, flying pole dancers, and hilarious crowd work come barrelling one right after the other; some of the performers have competed on shows like ‘America’s Got Talent’ and have become famous for creating brand-new styles of performance!

If you were wondering, this is certainly NOT a show for all ages. Be prepared for bits about well… bits, and a fair few moments of raw, pure sexuality. Sit in the splash zone if you dare!

The skill and showmanship of this group are mind-blowing; from top to bottom, it is a well-oiled machine.

A handsome, shirtless aerial dancer dramatically poses while flying and sticking out his tongue
Credit: Spiegelworld

Introducing: Fernando Miro (He/Him)

GayCities: What Spiegelworld show/s are you part of?

Fernando Miro: “I play The Outlaw in the Atomic Saloon Show. Emphasis on the word “Play”!”

What is your primary role/act in the show?

“As the Outlaw, I perform an aerial pole act and an aerial hexagon act at every show, mixed with some fun comedy and dance elements.”

What is it like being a performer in Vegas?

“It’s very much a lifestyle to be a performer on the Vegas Strip. You get very adjusted to planning your daily schedule depending on having shows or not. From planning what you eat during the day, to the amount of workouts you do a week, there are quite a lot of balance elements that you have to juggle constantly. A quite challenging but fun lifestyle.

Fun fact: most of the performers that work strip absolutely avoid going to Las Vegas Blvd on our days off.” 

Where do you/the cast love to go post-curtain to let off some steam? 

“There’s lots of fun places for locals in Vegas. Most of them outside of the Strip. I’m a huge “foodie”, so I love to check out new restaurants (Cleaver, Lemongrass, Firefly), have a drink with friends at a nice lounge or bar (Piranha, The Garden), karaoke, or even having a game night at home with some good company.”

What is your favorite thing to do in the city when you aren’t working?

“I’m a tattoo artist in my spare time so I spend most of my free time creating more Art. Besides working at the tattoo studio, I love checking out other shows supporting other performers, training at the gym or coaching, and the occasional crazy night out in the local bars in town.”

Introducing: Gypsy Wood (She/Her)

We also sat down with OPM’s premier comic relief: Gypsy Wood. A hilarious and vivacious performer who has quite a few impressive talents including plate spinning!

GayCities: What is it like being a performer in Vegas?

Gypsy Wood: “It’s pretty great. The community is so full of talented people. I love being a part of it. It’s a wild time.”

Where do you/the cast love to go post-curtain to let off some steam?

“The Ski Lodge at Superfrico is one of my favorites, but I also love to head to Main Street for some away time from the strip cocktails – especially Velveteen Rabbit. And I go to Savers 50% off-day every Monday.”

What is your favorite thing to do in the city when you aren’t working? 

“I have two dogs that are very needy, and I’m working on refurbishing a vintage Vegas home. I also hoon around in my red Mustang!”

Tasty treats under a glowing tree

Gate entrance to the Green Fairy Garden
Credit: Spiegelworld

This city is an ever-churning machine and consequently, it’s time to move on to the next escapade. The Green Fairy Garden is a radiant and mystical spot to grab some grub and a few drinks.

A glass of champagne next to a basket of star shaped tater tots and caviar
Credit: Spiegelworld

Situated next to the entrance of Spiegelworld’s most well-known show- Absinthe, is a magnificent LED garden to wow the senses. Additionally, you can feast on star-shaped tater tots (with caviar dipping options for the ultra-fancy) from No Pants and sip upon some oceanic-inspired cocktails from Pier 17. 

Meanwhile, past the giant glowing tree made entirely of light, and through the secret hedge, sits the intimate and mystical speakeasy known affectionately as Pier 17. The walls are adorned with memorabilia and photos of previous casts and the Spiegelworld journey, giving you a glimpse into the vision behind these fascinating experiences. 

Pier 17 Yacht Club

Naughty and Nautical 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd · Las Vegas, NV 89109


No Pants Las Vegas

Classic burger on the strip 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd · Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 534-3419

Enjoy some Roman R&R

Caesars palace pool on a sunny day
Credit: Caesar’s Palace

Before another wild night out, relax with a nice long lounge by the pool. Generally considered one of the crown jewels of Caesar’s Palace, the collection of crystalline pools should not be missed. Chiefly inspired by Grecian architecture and the palaces of Mount Olympus, stunning fountains dapple the various gardens and pools that will make you forget you’re in the middle of a desert. 

Superfrico Las Vegas

Vivacious and modern Italian fare 3708 Las Vegas Blvd S · Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 534-3419

Spiegelworld does so much more than create immersive experiences; they weave together worlds of pleasure and playfulness, bringing a sense of harmony and adventure to everyday activities. Unquestionably, nowhere exemplifies that better than the Italian-inspired restaurant and funky art haven Superfrico.

A DJ spins in the main room coupled with a ballerina twirling through the heavily art-adorned space. Additionally, you shouldn’t miss the tableside mozzarella demonstration! From an inspiring amuse-bouche of tuna crudo to a succulent and crispy chicken parmesan they take modern Italian fare to a whole new level. 

Out-of-this-world entertainment

An OPM cast member welcomes the crowd in a long, shiny silver dress and shoulder length matching gloves
Credit: Spiegelworld

After experiencing all the tasty offerings at Superfrico, head to OPM- Spiegelworld’s salute to all things sci-fi. This hilarious show has quite a slew of variety and ingenuity.

From a bubble-blowing man to wild contortionists, with hilarious crowd work sandwiched in between, OPM is wickedly fun.

If you’ve ever wondered if watching a woman limbo under a flaming bar would awaken something in you, we highly recommend seeing this remarkable show.

A group of people dressed in ski gear take a shot off a ski
Credit: Spiegelworld

Afterward, cool down in Spiegelworld’s love letter to Winter with a visit to the exclusive speakeasy Ski Lodge.

Conveniently situated in the same mysterious kaleidoscope of doors that lead to Superfrico and OPM, this collection of experiences is a whole night out all in one.


Sex in space! 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd · Las Vegas, NV 89109
(866) 973-9611

Ski Lodge

Hit the lodge after a long day on the strip 3708 Las Vegas Blvd · Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 534-3419
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