PHOTOS: Meet The Heroic Hunks Of San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Jul 16, 2012

The cosmic confab known as San Diego Comic-Con 2012 has rocketed to its conclusion, but fans are still processing all the movie trailers and entertainment news revealed at the massive pop-culture gathering. The real fun part of Comic-Con, though, is the fans themselves—many of whom dress up in inventive costumes inspired by comics, films, TV shows, anime and more.

And if you think all pop-culture geeks look like Comic Book Guy, you got another thing coming!

Click through for more images of costumed convention-goers at Comic-Con 2012

Photos: Guy West, David Ngo


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  1. love the Engineer! He must be the highlight of that event!!! yummy hot muscular bodybuilders!!!

  2. Bradford Wright


  3. Carcruncher

    That awkward moment when recognize someone you work with…