58M. Openly gay male living with partner for 3 years. looking for friends all over United State and the Caribbean. Just friends, not for sex OK. Yanko

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  • Tia Maria Jose de Diego Santurce, San Juan
  • Oceana Hostal Playero Ocean Park, San Juan



  • yanko63
    yanko63 reviewed Oceana Hostal Playero Over a year ago
    Loves it

    best time
    Great people, very clea and very very gay friendly. the best for Edwin the owner. Yanko

  • yanko63
    yanko63 reviewed Tia Maria Jose de Diego Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great Spot
    I was a nurse at the De Diego Hospital, one block from Tia Maria, so every night after work I was regular. great people and very friendly staff. Also, great partys on Pride weekend. June 5-7. I will be there this year. Come and celebrate with us. Yanko