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  • The Loft Hillcrest, San Diego
  • San Diego Eagle North Park, San Diego


  • xfugio
    xfugio reviewed The Loft Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Shit Hole
    I checked it out on 7/4/12, and I'll never go there again. A rough trade guy who bragged about "being in the can twice" got into an argument with another guy, and a fight ensued. They have no security personnel there, so you're on your own when trouble happens. The bartender did nothing to stop the fighting, I suppose he's used to such things happening there. The bartenders are unattractive poz-looking guys who don't get drink orders right -- I asked for no lime in my cocktail, and it came with a lime. All these things added up to an unpleasant experience Oh, and the owner is about 90 years old and he disrepects his staff by groping them all the time -- I thought I was gonna puke!

  • xfugio
    xfugio reviewed San Diego Eagle Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Big Yawn
    Great place if you're interested in a circle jerk with a bunch of ugly old trolls near the bathroom area. Been there twice, never a good looking guy there and the bartenders are hideous. Nothing sexy at all about this dive, I heard the new owner is a jerk.