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  • Berghain Friedrichshain , Berlin
  • FickstutenMarkt (at KitKatClub) Mitte, Berlin
  • Panorama Bar (at Berghain) Friedrichshain , Berlin
  • Sissi Schöneberg, Berlin
  • Impala-Coffee Kaffeerösterei Schöneberg, Berlin
  • Leathers Schöneberg, Berlin
  • wolf.lugh
    wolf.lugh reviewed Der Kuchenladen Over a year ago
    Loves it

    cakes. cakes. cakes. I sometimes eat three pieces. my favourite is their marble cake, it´s moist, perfect texture, wow.

  • wolf.lugh
    wolf.lugh reviewed Lab.oratory (at Berghain) Over a year ago
    Loves it

    open to everyone sexy, intelligent or sweet (the rest: go to tom´s bar-:-))
    I go lab since it opened, so listen: you get in however you dress but inside it´s so warm that you will want to take off most of your clothes anyway. bring lube, there are only 3 shared containers in distant corners, never near when you need it ze locals find ruthless barebacking boring as it spreads hep c (remember ur last interferon treatment?) in the sex community. don´t hang 2 long with your tourist mates as u will not get a piece of the action nor connect 2 what´s going on. what´s going on is everything you imagine & a lot more. if you don´t like what you see shut it, this is not your home turf and you are in berlin because you want to experience berlin style. just let go & relax, even the two handful of sexiest men there are only human (unless they are really high on steroids or g). if your not a fatty, retard, superdumb, pathologically shy or a blind catholic you will get laid. if not it really is your own fault be cute, be s/m, be whatever, but give it all you are. enjoy your stay.