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    wildM4Madventures reviewed West Side Club Over a year ago
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    What it can be, it was, and may be again.
    True the attendants can be rude, but where in New York is anyone terribly friendly. True the other customers can be rude, but refer to the above comment. Here's the thing..... in my years on again off again with this establishment there are three things that have always been the same. The staff have attitude towards patrons, as if the customers are somehow beneath them for being there. (which begs the question why are they working there) There is a contingent of people who go with friends and go mostly to socialize, gossip loudly and discuss others. And the third thing that has always remained true, no matter what the others are doing, if I go in the right frame of mind, to simply have fun, I do. So the first two things don't matter if I go when I am happy, and generally no irritable. Its not well maintained, people are abusive and service people are rude. THATS NEW YORK. Would it be amazing if it were not so? Yes. If you would like to meet a bunch of guys who are much friendlier go to east side club, the men tend to be older, but let me tell you, they are more than happy to enter your room, and have years of experience. On the other hand, if your looking for pretty boys, rightly or wrongly, the attitude is going to be there. And finally, if the Club staff ever read these reviews. Perhaps they could reflect on whether it is correct or proper to look over the top of booths at patrons and engage in other rude behavior, which ultimately will lead to these last two bath houses being shuttered and the loss of jobs. We need to remember, the club didn't shut down the steam room or the video lounge or public areas to hurt their own business, they did so to meet increasingly conservative values and critical views from local government and even the gay community itself. So really the best promotional tool and self preserving thing that the bath houses in new york can do, which are owned and managed by the same company, is to promote a happy loyal following of happy customers who feel strongly enough about the value of these clubs to publicly speak up for their necessity or position within the community. If everyone walks away unhappy, or at very least not thinking of what is a private club, as their club, then they are not going to really care what happens in the future. So, i hope that the club will see the importance of treating customers with some sense of hospitality, and friendliness, and that investing and maintaining what is left is important. Keeping the showers clean, the closed steam room has looked the same for years....rip it out. Replace the stalls that are broken, clean the rooms adequately every day. Have a comment card at least for customers who need to vent. And patrons, remember, a good time is in your mind, so don't let a lack of facilities, or the fact that the others don't meet your standards.....maybe they do and you aren't looking deep enough, and maybe there is more to a place than meets the eye. I don't go much anymore, but I wish Westside Club the best of luck in dealing with city government, increasingly conservative views, and creating a sex positive space which is crucial to all gay communities. Because of the happy memories I have, and because I believe that they staff just need to be reminded sometimes (they deal with alot of aggravation) that the customers are the reason they are there, and not a hindrance but a virtue, I am going to give the west side club three stars. One for the hope that it can improve, one for the amenities and decor, and one for the great times I've had, which have nothing to do with staff or facillities, and everything to do with having a place to do them. Thanks west side club.