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  • The Abbey Food & Bar West Hollywood, West Hollywood
  • Revolver West Hollywood, West Hollywood
  • wealthywidow
    wealthywidow reviewed Revolver Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Cool place nice crowd of normal gays
    I liked this place not too many hysterical guys, not that many infiltrated fag hags, mostly young adults 30s & 40s, small nice environment with cool music. I liked this place a great place to start warming up to LA although everyone was mostly into small groups of friends not many really "fishing" but was nicer than the Abbey.

  • wealthywidow
    wealthywidow reviewed The Abbey Food & Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Where are the men?
    this place is more light than actual thunder... Staring by the fact that there are too many women (and not the lesbian ones) bu tthe real annoying loud asexual ones who go there for... God knows what reason i guess they try to aoid having to suck their boyfriends as much as possible and hanging with the gays make them feel liberated some how... and on the other hand you have the "straight" guys trying hard not to be confused with gay one sand making every one uncomfortable, I eman, if I go to a gay bar i want to be sure I am spotting potential lays and not havign to play the guessing game. For that i go to Saint Patricks on a Sunday... Gays should have places exclusively for gays. the abbey should make a specific day for straights, like a Monday? and the rest of the week leave it to the guys. Little by little we are being pushed out of our neighborhoods and now our bars... Cute place but not all that