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    vstim247 reviewed Powerhouse
    Over a year ago

    Better luck next time?

    Was there on a Tuesday. Not so great. Saw online reviews and comments that indicated a fetish flavor to the place (leather-Levis-tattoos and all) so I put on my tightest, bulgiest gray ballet tights with high leather boots and leather vest and went in. There were about a dozen guys in the place. No fetish at all. Was completely ignored. On this upper deck in the rear (which I think is the patio, but I'm not sure since I didn't really go all the way to the back of the place to look for another door) there was a group of 4 guys "enjoying themselves", and there were a few other guys leering at me but were otherwise practically motionless. They have a couple of restrooms that are positioned somewhat open to the main floors where guys can station themselves for cruising, I suppose. Most of the other customers were very old and unkempt. I thought they were homeless at first. (If you're going to a cruise bar, you should at least shower, comb your hair and not be wearing soiled work clothes from your telephone linesman job.) I ordered a drink and hung out by the pool table watching the porn they have on all the TV's (which I liked). But, no one approached me. No one spoke. There were two youngish, clean looking guys at the bar. But, they never even looked up from their cell phones the entire time I was there. When someone enters a nearly empty bar, most of the patrons would look up momentarily at least being curious about the motion seen from the corner of their eye. But, these guys at the bar were oblivious to everything around them. When I left I was panhandled by two homeless people right at the front door - almost inside the entry way, in fact. Then, as I crossed the little side street a super drunk guy with a backpack went ape shit over my ass and package in tights. He groped my balls and ass right there on the street and begged me to go up this alley next to the bar and suck dicks. He was so drunk that he could hardly walk. This is the reaction I was hoping for INSIDE the bar, and by someone who wasn't slurring their speech. Overall, I liked the funky, kind-of-dangerous, underground feel of the place and I want to try again on a busier night. I'm interested in tight jeans/spandex - both exhibiting and watching/groping.