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    tpalmer reviewed Hotel H33
    8 months ago

    I recently stayed at a hotel in Nice, France, and here are my thoughts on my experience. Upon entering the premises, I noticed that the hallways felt a bit cold and unwelcoming. The color scheme did not resonate well with me and the mirrored numbers on the doors seemed somewhat cheap. When I entered the room, I was pleasantly surprised by its generous size. The interiors were tasteful, featuring a comfortable bed, well-designed walls, a functional desk, and a nice stand. I also thoroughly enjoyed the window area which allowed a lot of natural light into the room. Unfortunately, the bathroom area left much to be desired. The shower curtain was too short, causing water to spill everywhere during use. It was necessary to use three out of the four towels provided just to mop up the water on the floor. Moreover, the shower curtain had a tendency to stick to my body while showering, which was quite uncomfortable. The shower space was rather compact and would greatly benefit from a door system. Additionally, I noticed that the tiles did not appear to be deeply cleaned. As for the staff, I encountered one individual who was not particularly friendly, despite my efforts to greet them warmly. It is essential for staff members to maintain a courteous and welcoming demeanor, which was unfortunately lacking in this case. I chose this hotel from a gay listing and will update my review in due course to possibly offer other choices for prospective guests. Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

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