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  • Stonewall Hotel Darlinghurst, Sydney


  • texas911
    texas911 reviewed Stonewall Hotel Over a year ago
    Hates it

    racist and intimidating
    I don't know how this place can in good conscience use the famous New York name of a place that stood for the rights of diversity-they are discriminating against race and women who are not lesbians. They have a force of straight men for their security that are of Lebanese and Middle Eastern origin that are are not their for the security of their homosexual clients but to enforce their own agenda of homophobia. I have personally experienced not being allowed in because I had a black man, straight women, or showed them the slightest bit of nonchalance towards their policy of trying to flirt with the straight women I brought to the establishment. I will never go there again after the overt abuse that they show their patrons. Their are great places like Midnight Shift, The Oxford, Green Park etc that are open to having gay people at a gay bar. Americans-I advise you stay away