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  • Akron Steam and Sauna Akron
  • tburton0119
    tburton0119 reviewed Akron Steam and Sauna Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Misleading or Scammed or both?
    I have been to the Akron Steam & Sauna less then 4 times. My 1st and 2nd time was wonderful and I went with experienced guys, but the 3rd time I went, I had an outsider, which doesn't matter really except for two things: 1. They charged us each $14 instead of $13, as it says on their website, and 2. their site says they now accept credit cards, but we were told cash only, and everytime I went we paid with cash. So the last time we had to leave and drive around to an ATM to get cash. They need to do something about that. It is very misleading and irritating!