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  • Sansom Street Gym Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia
  • Mega-Plex Bathhouse Providence
  • Club Philly Washington Square West, Philadelphia


  • tazboy6969
    tazboy6969 reviewed Club Philly Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Wow- A def upgrade from before
    Visited the club on half price wed and was pleasantly surprised. Renovations were very nice and gotta say the downstairs area is awesome- steam, showers, sauna, dungeon and well equiped playromm plus much more. Rooms nothing to shout about but had a great mix of hung guys and had a geat time. May bring a friend next time to add to the fun as well.

  • tazboy6969
    tazboy6969 reviewed Sansom Street Gym Over a year ago
    Loves it

    They are trying
    Making improvements but steam room still not working and tv room could use a new carpet. Usually find at least one or two guys to play with but there is an assortment of older less attractive types and queens wandering about. Im 38 5 10 170 and athletic and look for someone like me or more built, bbc preferred. Will be there 8/9 if any are checking

  • tazboy6969
    tazboy6969 reviewed Mega-Plex Bathhouse Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Falling Apart
    I visited MP on a sunday night two weeks ago with decent expectations as the times I stopped in last year were damn hot. It was bear night which really isnt my thing but had nothing else going on so drove 45 min from where I was staying. On checkin, the first news I get is the video system is out. I grab my towel, head in and find my room to strip down. A hot guy was behind me coming in so I had decent hopes. Changed into my towel planning on a shower n steam and hopefully start the night off. Good news is the hot young guy was there showering. Lots of bad news..He was a dancer from next door cleaning up I found out after and he rushed right out after a fat old guy started leering at him. Too bad, he was hot and hung... Next I look over and find the steam room is broken..great. So after toweling off I start to cruise and all that i find are old, creepy dudes..no one even close to marginal. I wandered around to see if I can find the young guy I hung out for about two hours and nothing changed. Maybe 5 people total in the place...the old guys were huddled in sauna waiting to pounce, the floors were sticky and gross..the videos playing were lame...and they recent raised member and non member prices.. My previous visit last august was hot , but looks like things canged or was a bad night. Last time , lots of hung, hot guys, plenty of BBC which I like and played for hours. Only bummer was my car was broken into in back lot and my phone was stolen. Dont leave anything out in plain view or you could be next and avoid the back lot if possible. Guess I have to try CBC when I'm back in area in a couple of weeks...too bad. Always had fun at MP...If they dont start fixing and cleaning up the place, no one will cum except the deperate and gross.