Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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    tatken reviewed Woof's
    Over a year ago

    was ok...probably won't go again

    overall was a nice place inside...but i guess at the time i was there wasn't a really good time...i was there early in the evening about 6pm and left about 7:30pm ....reason being is there was about 6 regulars there and the bartender seemed pretty preoccupied with them in a general sense and there was a younger group there with one woman who thought she had to be the LOUDEST one there with an extremely ear piercing laugh.....i had had my fill of younger groups so i got out...i'm sure it is probably better later in the evening....but it is smaller than i thought it would be and decided not to go back that evening...maybe another time but really didn't grab my attention but thought i'd stop in to see it