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  • North Hollywood Spa North Hollywood, North Hollywood
  • FLEX Spas Silverlake, Los Angeles
  • sxeasian
    sxeasian reviewed Midtowne Spa Over a year ago
    Loves it

    by far the best men's spa in LA
    august 2010: still the best!!! went very late on sat night, and started in the maze this time and didn't make it out until 3 guys had their way with me. latin guy first, then hung white and hung black guy together then back-to-back poundings. more guys were in line but the black guy made a mess on me so had to shower and rest. ;) later found sexy white guy with a really long hose. went to his room, and was barely able to take him as he kept bumping deep against my colon. still great though. finished the night with a aggressive black guy in the steam room who was really thick. did I say this place rocks? i'll be sore for a few days but definitely worth it. march 2010: went there on a sunday afternoon, and it was amazing. hooked up with a long lasting guy and got used in every possible way. was superhot. the club is in a seedy area, but there's guarded parking so that's fine. the facility is itself is amazing. lots of open showers, wet sauna, dry sauna, jacuzzi, heated pool, outdoor deck, maze. the best part is that there are tons of guys everywhere. this is the largest AND most crowded club i've been too. the choices were just endless. highly recommended as THE place to go if you want to get off.

  • sxeasian
    sxeasian reviewed North Hollywood Spa Over a year ago
    Hates it

    quiet sunday afternoon
    The place has showers, but not much else. A steam room exists, but it was being worked on (that sucks!). There is a small outdoor deck with lounge chairs, and a few small video rooms. When I went on a Sunday afternoon, there were maybe 6-10 people there. Had some fun with an older guy who was obsessed with my backdoor. It was really nice, but I would have liked to have played around with multiple guys (like I normally do at spas). Maybe I have to pick a better day or time.

  • sxeasian
    sxeasian reviewed Melrose Spa Over a year ago
    Loves it

    small but very fun
    went there for the first time on thursday afternoon. not the best time to go i know, but i stopped by between visiting my cousin's place and meeting for dinner. wasn't crowded yet, but still hooked up with several guys. the place has a dry sauna, hot tub, outdoor patio, showers, and a lot of fun dark rooms with glory holes. hooked up with a bunch of older white guys (my preference), also hooked up with a young guy with the biggest elephant @#$% i've ever seen. hot, but ouch!!! it was a great, great time overall though. huge props to the staff. they're very friendly and always seem to be maintaining and cleaning the place to keep the place nice.

  • sxeasian
    sxeasian reviewed FLEX Spas Over a year ago
    Loves it

    one of my fave clubs
    fun place with free parking. i really liked the steam room and open showers. they also have a pool and hot tub but not many people seem to use it. my experience there: hooked up with an asian guy who had his way with me. did some more cruising then plopped myself down in the video room (when you don't get a room, i realized it's quite tiring walking around). soon, i then hooked up with 3 guys together in the video room. was fun, but exhausting.