45M. Hopeless romantic living in Las Vegas. Born & raised in Hawaii, college in Oregon, lived in LA, travel all over trying to fill up passport before it expires.

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  • Diamond Head Beach Park Honolulu (Waikiki), Waikiki
  • Hawk's Gym & Spa Commercial Center, Las Vegas
  • Club Houston Midtown, Houston


  • surfnasian
    surfnasian reviewed Diamond Head Beach Park Over a year ago
    Loves it

    gay beach
    Always a favorite place to just chill and guy watch. Nude sunbathing is illegal, but being smart about it and you can still tan and loose your tan lines. On the beach look up towards the hills, you'll see paths and a lil clearings that guys are walking an cruising on. Also naked while soaking up the Hawaii Sunrays. From the lighthouse on main road, jump over the little stone wall and make your way down the paths towards the ocean, you'll come across naked guys and others who are cruising. From the road that forks off the main road you'll see cars parked on the right, guys are in them naked and sometimes strokin too. Follow road to beach and walk along sand, you'll be lead right to gay part of beach. Just be smart about going all natural