57. Normal and sane man, like to travel, love the arts and culture. Would love to find an older buddy/mentor re various mediums of culture to learn more of the nuances. A travel companion even if just locally, would be fantastic.

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    sum_guy_usa reviewed Chelsea Mews Guesthouse
    Over a year ago

    My phone experience was very pleasant

    I am not understanding of all the negative reviews here based on the long telephne conversation I had with them today. My call lasted 30 minutes or so, at no time was I rushed, and all of my questions were answered. I had mentioned the NYTimes articles that said they had in-house massages and I was told they were no longer offered. I am planning a visit in the beginning of May and will post then, too, but my talk was very much contrarian to the tone of the written reviews here. As a fan of clothing free envirnment, it is tough to find them in this area.