Cole Holt, 26M. Probably your typical American you envision. Not all of us are that bad. I love listening,interacting,& just learning people. Think of me as one of the Vengaboys. However, my soul is close to Lana Del Rey

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  • Sauna G.I. Joe The Village/Le Village, Montreal


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    Relaxed on a Sunday
    It was my first time visiting Montreal! I'm so thankful I was given the chance to be a part of the city! I've been to Toronto several times now & I was always on the fence about moving there; Montreal made me jump over. This was my first "bad boy" thing I got to do there. I personally liked it. It was that average Joe type atmosphere which is my scene. However, the guy that brought me up there was of the "high society" & I had to listen to him wine/complain. Nut-up or shutup. Anyways, place is fine. Hoping to visit my 2nd time ASAP. There was an awesome local that I got to know who told me about these guys...he's 50,sexy as hell, & was genuine. Hoping he will see this due to my inebriation